About the Council


Chairman of the Center – Kalonov Botir Hamzaevich, State Counselor of Justice, 3rd class

At the solemn meeting devoted to the ninth anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, held on December 7, 2001 the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov,  declared the year of 2002 as the “Year of Protection of the Interests of the Older Generation”.

In this regard, on January 24, 2002, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the State Program “The Year of Protection of the Interests of the Older Generation”.

In pursuance of this Program, a large-scale work was carried out in the country, within the framework of it the Community Center for Social Support of Veterans of the Prosecutor’s Office of Uzbekistan was established.

According to the Regulations on the Center, registered by the Ministry of Justice on November 22, 2002, its main tasks are the display of due respect for the veterans of the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Uzbekistan, active participation in providing them with financial, moral and medical assistance, and protecting their rights and interests.

The center unites 387 veterans, who fruitfully worked in the ranks of the prosecutor’s office for many years. Field departments of the Center operate locally.

The Center approves and implements a plan of activities, aimed at providing social protection for veterans, protecting their health and providing full support, every year.

Moreover, congratulations of veterans on the eve of holidays, anniversaries, gifts delivery and providing material assistance are well implemented.

Address: 100060, Tashkent city, Mirabad district, Str. Istiklal, 22



Табаррук айёмингиз қутлуғ бўлсин!

Baltak Usmanov, a human rights activist and honored prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office, has been working in the prosecutor’s office for more than 30 years.

During his tenure, he served as an investigator of the district prosecutor’s office, prosecutor’s assistant, Sardoba, Gulistan, Narpay district and Jizzakh prosecutor in the system of Syrdarya, Jizzakh and Samarkand regional prosecution offices to carry out professional duties such as ensuring the rule of law, strengthening the rule of law, and earnest respect for his colleagues with honesty, commitment to service duties.

He has gained a reputation among employees of the law enforcement agency, such as diligence, initiative, sincerity and dedication.

His students value him as an experienced trainer and kind coach who teaches them the secrets of his professional skills.

Many years of Baltak Usmanov’s professional activity has been well-deserved by the government and prosecutors, and was awarded the Shuhrat Medal by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 12, 2007.

Dear Bultak Usmanov, Happy birthday! We wish you and your family robust health, long life, family happiness, peace and wellbeing to your family!


Табаррук айёмингиз қутлуғ бўлсин!

One of enthusiastic, bold and patriot person Zayniddin Sayfutdinov, a veteran of prosecutor’s office, was welcomed at the age of 80.

During his work, he served in the Prosecutor’s Office of Jizzakh, Samarkand and Navoi provinces as an investigator, prosecutor’s assistant, senior assistant, prosecutor of the regional prosecutor’s office, Nurota, Khatirchi, Narpay and Koshrabot district prosecutors, ensuring law priority, legality, and to protect their freedoms.

In the course of the work, he became a creator of healthy competition in teamwork, in his own field, and in public affairs.

Young lawyers, who come to our office today, highly value the experience as well as the experienced trainer, a kind teacher, who sincerely teaches the secrets of his professionalism.

Zainiddin Sayfutdinov’s long-term work was rewarded several times by the leadership of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Dear Zayniddin Sayfutdinov, Happy birthday! We wish you and your family robust health, longevity, family happiness, peace and tranquility in your home!


Айём муборак!

Фуқароларнинг ҳуқуқ ва эркинликларини муҳофаза қилишга, ҳуқуқий-амалий тажрибаси билан ёш ходимларни тарбиялашга ўзининг муносиб ҳиссасини қўшиб, жамоатчилик эътиборига сазовор бўлган инсон, прокуратура фахрийси Олим Муҳамедов табаррук 75 ёшни қарши олмоқда.

У иш фаолияти давомида Андижон шаҳар ва вилоят прокурорларининг ёрдамчиси, Республика Бош прокуратурасида бўлим прокурори ва бўлим бошлиғи лавозимларида самарали хизмат қилиб, қонун устуворлигини таъминлаш, қонунийликни мустаҳкамлаш каби касбий вазифаларни бажаришга масъулият билан ёндашиб, хизмат бурчига содиқлиги билан ҳамкасблари ҳурматига сазовор бўлди.

Ишлаш жараёнида ижобий фаолият кўрсатиб, меҳнатсеварлик, изланувчанлик, адолатпарварлик, ташаббускорлик каби фазилатлари туфайли барчанинг ҳурмат-эътиборини, ишончини қозонди.

Олим Муҳамедовнинг узоқ йиллик меҳнат фаолияти прокуратура раҳбарияти томонидан муносиб баҳоланиб, “Ўзбекистон Республикаси прокуратурасининг фахрий ходими” кўкрак нишони билан тақдирланди.

Ҳурматли Олим Муҳамедов, қутлуғ 75 ёшингиз муборак бўлсин! Сизга ва оила аъзоларингизга мустаҳкам соғлиқ, узоқ умр, оилавий тотувлик, хонадонингизга тинчлик-хотиржамлик, файзу барака тилаймиз!


Қутлуғ бўлсин!

Hwan Anatoly Grigorevich, a veteran of Prosecutor’s Office who has worked in the Prosecutor’s Office for over 30 years, is welcomed by the 70-year-old.

During his career, he was responsibly involved in various office positions in Tashkent City Prosecutor’s Office, the Syrdarya Region Prosecutor’s Office, and the General Prosecutor Office of Republic, in order to ensure the rule of law in the society, to strengthen the rule of law, and protect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

He has always been well-known a smart and experienced lawyer, a sincere person, regardless of his position.

He was respected by law enforcement officials with sincerity and selflessness. His disciples value him as an experienced master and a loving teacher.

Long-term work of Anatoly Grigorevich has been highly appreciated and repeatedly encouraged by the leadership of the prosecutor’s office.

Dear Anatoly Grigorevich, Happy birthday! We wish you and your family health and well-being in your life!

The team of Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan

and Social Support for Veterans community center